Monday, June 28, 2010

New Additions!

Study #1 - 8x10 Platinum Palladium Print

A few weeks ago I had the chance to work with the talented Keira Grant while she was visiting the windy city. She was a wonderful person to collaborate with. Our shoot was almost cancelled because of a serve storm with 80 MPH winds was hitting the area just an hour before our shoot. Thank goodness it all worked out.

I recently had a gallery that wanted to see more photographs from my Plucked from Nature series. Here’s one of the images that we created for the series. It was great working again with my petzval lens which is an old Wollensak-Vitax from the 1900s even if it doesn’t have a shutter the results are always magnificent.

Bok Choy - 8x10 Platinum Palladium Print

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cafe selavy said...

I've never worked with her, but I love Kiera. You too.