Saturday, September 12, 2009

Willy Ronis dead at 99

Willy Ronis, the French photographer famous for his black and white images of ordinary people in post-war France, died aged 99 today.

Born in Paris in 1910, Ronis became one of the Groupe des XV, or group of fifteen, that included fellow photographer Robert Doisneau, that defended photography as a true art form.

A number of his snapshots of working-class Paris became classics, such as his image of a boy running with a baguette under his arm. Other famous photos include one of his wife nude leaning over a sink by an open window, called Provencal Nude.

"Le Nu Provencal" 1949 - Willy Ronis

I really admire the man and I became inspired by his work...RIP

You can see more of his work HERE


Dave Rudin said...

Sorry to read that, Ted. He made a lot of great images and I admired him, too. I have a copy of his book published by Taschen.

andre andreo said...

very beautiful